Wednesday, September 1, 2010


hello. this is my first entry in the world of blogs, as heretofore i've kept my personal musings between the covers of a notebook, or nestled in a folder of word docs.

i'm tired, even though it's only 11:30pm, so i'll make it short:

it's starting to feel like fall, my favorite season. it's starting to feel like coffee&a book weather, scarf&boots weather, orange&red&yellow leaves weather. people are starting to build fires and i love the smell... and for the first time in eleven years, i live in a house with a wood burning fireplace.

it's the first time in sixteen years that i walked by the back-to-school section in target and didn't pick up a single thing.

it's strange-- this break in structure. my mind craves some sort of exercise, so i think i'll be reading a lot this fall. give me suggestions-- i'd love them.

but mostly this time will be utilized for music things. making music, playing music, listening to music, going to every show i'm in town for, learning as much from as many people as i can.

now i'm off to daydream land with radiohead as the soundtrack.

with love,


  1. Of Mice and Men. Then you can watch the movie with me! I am going to try and start reading Myst books... I really want to, but I always get sidetracked.

    I love fall weather. Not too cold or too warm. Can comfortably do things outside with a sweatshirt on. And it is absolutely gorgeous. Coloring of trees. Leaves all over. Just the smell of it being a little colder. It is wonderful. It is a toss up for me between Fall and Winter. I love snow covered trees. Also my birthday!

    I will have to blog it up soon... haha.

  2. Tess of the D'Urbervilles is my very favorite. :] You might also like "Hidden Camera" by Zivkovic. If you like those two I can recommend more.
    Also, another vote for fall as the best season!

  3. yes, i need to read of mice and men! and the beginning of winter-- great. the end? not so much.

    and caitlin-- i love tess. also one of my favorites. i will look into hidden camera! i wrote it down on my books to read list. i'm sure i'll ask you for more suggestions once i've read it :] and here's my suggestion-- if you have not read it, pale fire by nabokov is completely crazy and wonderful.

  4. You should check out the Steig Larsson's Millenium trilogy. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. I finished the first one, the beginning is a little dry but really picks up! I'm onto the second one now and it seems very promising! : )

  5. Beowulf... totally. I've only read a little bit- but it is simply gorgeous. A masterful piece of work just waiting to be read! I'm going to pick it up at barnes & noble this week.